Company Objective

The objective of this company is to have a documented Policy for all matters related to finance, marketing, personnel and distribution, as a applicable to the field force. The purpose is to provide.

  • Uniform policy in the organization.
  • Documented to avoid permission and sanctions for every activity.
  • Provide transparency to every employee.
  • Form a guideline for all activities of the field operations.

Our Philosophy

Prolific Labs is the company by people for the people. The company believes in INDIAN MANAGEMENT ETHOS. The people who think big and want to become big are the desired members of an aggressive team. Beliefs are “The Steadily devoted soul attains unadulterated peace because he offers the result of all activities to me; whereas a persons who is not in union with DIVINE, who is greedy for the fruits of his labor becomes entangled (Bhagaved Gita Chaptar V Text XII)”. The company not only desires to achieve the techno success but will also contribute to the social cause as a responsible corporate citizen.

Ethical Codes

Respect for the Dignity of the Individual,We cannot operate effectively unless each of us is able to treat everyone else with mutual respect. This essential value is at the heart of our culture and will helps us focus on many important issues like diversity of our workforce.


In today’s increasingly complex business and social world, integrity and honest must be the hallmarks of any organization or person striving to consistently achieve and maintain the respect of our publics.


We must be able to work in an environment in which we trust each other. We must trust our colleagues to do their assigned tasks without the need to check and recheck their work. Likewise, each of us must handle our responsibilities, with utmost sincerity so that our colleagues can trust us.


Each of us should earn credibility with others, inside and outside the company. Certainly, the company as a whole must strive for the highest level of credibility with all its external publics. We must commit to do what we say we will do and no later than we commit to do it.

Continuous Improvement and Personal Renewal

Results do count, and continuous improvement toward world-class levels is essential to achieve credibility with our publics. We must continually improve ourselves and renew our skills. Training and education must be accepted as a common responsibility between us as employees – and the company as a whole.

Recognition and Celebration

We will search out and welcome opportunities to openly celebrate the achievements of others and congratulate individuals, teams, employees, suppliers and customers for delivering results that contribute to company’s success. Recognition and reward will be an integral part of our everyday work activity.

Buissness Development Sales & Marketing

The primary operational mission of the sales organization is generating the sales that are the lifeblood of the company. Our sales organization is comprised of world-class professionals. Currently, the sales organization is divided into three groups: Sales Force, Managed Care, and National Accounts.

Sales Force

The Sales Force consists of more than 150 sales representatives subdivided into 9 regions and 100 districts. The focus of the Sales Force is on office-based and hospital-based physicians across a variety of specialties, including oncology, anesthesiology, neurology, rheumatology, pain medicine, primary care, physical medicine, and surgery. In addition, the Sales Force has responsibility for calling on retail pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, long-term care, hospice accounts, and military institutions. Prolific Labs sales professionals undergo a rigorous training program designed to provide them with a foundation of product and market knowledge as well as selling skills for appropriate product categories. Prolific Labs representatives are provided access to state-of-the-art databases specific to their own geographic area with which to identify potential prescribers based on criteria established by management. Armed with market research-tested tools and resources, the sales professional focuses on potential clients with a consistent message tailored to the potential prescriber’s specific need. HR Marketing /Directors supervise the sales professionals, providing a range of training - from product knowledge, selling skills, business acumen, and planning and organizational skills, to feedback on observed skills and sales results. Area Managers plan and conduct local area meetings to provide team members with ongoing direction while striving to build a cohesive unit. All Prolific Labs sales managers are charged with evaluating the sales performance and job skills of the individuals they supervise. Area Managers are also responsible for identifying the best people within the industry and inviting them to join Prolific Labs.

Managed Care

Managed Care is responsible for gaining and maintaining formulary coverage for all Prolific Labs products in various market segments, including Managed Care, Long-Term Care, Medicaid, and Medicare markets. The group must develop strong working relationships with decision makers at managed care organizations, long-term care outlets, and state offices impacting Medicaid as well as state agencies and associations. The group also works with group purchasing organizations to assure that hospitals and alternate care accounts obtain contract pricing and with business managers in closed provider pharmacies to increase business in the long-term care markets.

Sales Training

Provides in-depth training to the Prolific Labs sales force from the newly hired up through and including senior sales management. Throughout a sales career at Purdue, individuals can expect to receive structured, highly focused, intensive training. Prolific Labs focuses on developing talent for the future needs of the organization. Programs to develop a sales representative’s managerial skills present opportunities for individuals to advance in positions in the field or the home office. Opportunity best describes a sales career with Prolific Labs. This is reflected not only in the Prolific Labs promoted products, but also in Prolific Labs promote-from-within philosophy. Prolific Labs employees are encouraged to pursue career development for potential advancement. Sales management positions are staffed based on the job performance and skill-sets demonstrated by eligible candidates.


The Prolific Labs Marketing team develops and defines the objectives, positioning, and promotional strategies for Prolific Labs brands. It ensures thatProlific Labs maintains its leadership position within given therapeutic areas and successfully brings new products to market by collaborating with Licensing & Business Development to explore and evaluate new product possibilities. In addition to product management for prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) brands.

The Market Strategies Team

Developed to ensure that Prolific Labs products are well positioned among the various reimbursement channels and position Purdue as the undisputed leader among payers in our current and emerging therapeutic categories. Market Strategies has many responsibilities, the team is also responsible for market access strategies, value proposition development, contracting strategy, pull-through messaging, account segmentation, payer launch planning, and the creation of tools and resources to help support the Managed Care field team. Market Strategies works in collaboration with brand, contracting, sales, sales training, managed care sales, and the executive leadership team to help Purdue navigate through the complexities of the managed care environment.

Other Products